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Thanks to a wonderful community, I am now an official Afiliate-level streamer on Twitch! I appreciate all of the support, especially those who have linked their free Amazon Prime Gaming follow to my  channel.

There are several benefits to following a content creator like @chorizoso on Twitch:

  1. Access to exclusive content: Many Twitch creators offer exclusive content to their followers, such as subscriber-only streams, giveaways, and access to their Discord server.

  2. Community interaction: Twitch is known for its highly engaged communities, and following a content creator allows you to become part of that community. You can interact with other viewers, ask questions, and participate in chat during live streams.

  3. Entertainment: Twitch creators often have unique and entertaining content, such as gameplay, music, and creative streams. Following a creator allows you to stay up-to-date on their latest content and be entertained on a regular basis.

  4. Learning opportunities: Many Twitch creators are experts in their field, whether it’s gaming, art, or music. By following them, you can learn new skills and techniques through their streams.

  5. Support for your favorite creators: Following a content creator on Twitch is a great way to support them and show your appreciation for their work. Many creators rely on the support of their followers to continue creating content on Twitch.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II  (Battle Royale & DMZ modes)

I can explain the general goals of the Call of Duty franchise as a popular first-person shooter video game series.

The main goals of Call of Duty games vary depending on the specific title and game mode, but they typically involve engaging in combat against enemy forces in various fictional settings, such as during historical wars, modern conflicts, or in futuristic scenarios.

In most Call of Duty games, players take on the role of a soldier or a member of a military unit and must complete a series of objectives, such as eliminating enemy forces, capturing territories, or completing missions.

The series also includes multiplayer modes, where players compete against each other in teams or individually to achieve the most kills or complete objectives in various game modes.

Overall, the primary goals of Call of Duty games are to provide engaging and challenging gameplay experiences centered around military combat and tactics.